Refactored is a full-service digital agency that helps brands navigate the complexities of modern marketing by aligning people, processes, and technology – generating the results that matter to businesses.

    Crafting marketing leadership – one client team at a time
    At Refactored, we believe in marketing’s ability to drive business results and organizational change. We also believe that a marketing agency can be a powerful accelerator for building and supporting effective internal marketing teams. When we help our clients mature their approach to marketing, they elevate their practice to a leadership position within their organization. We aim to solve today’s challenges while providing strategies and solutions that build greater capability, improve marketing’s performance, and ensure our work together has a lasting positive impact on their business.

    Talent to the core

    At the center of our agency is a senior team that prioritizes the ongoing success of our clients. Be sure to watch our introductory video; it captures both our philosophy and approach to modern marketing leadership. At Refactored, every staff member plays an active and important role in the life of our customers – each delivering their unique contribution to the success of business critical initiatives. We serve clients by working in close partnership with their executives and SMEs. Clients trust our advice and vision, and we are the strategic center for digital programs that demand creative thinking, integrated problem solving, and ownership.

    Our driving foundation is built on:

    - An outside perspective: We help our clients clearly see their best marketing opportunities.
    - Strategic guidance:
    We help craft strategies and guide marketing leaders to enable them to drive change and deliver impact with their internal stakeholders.
    - Expertise to get it done:
    Over the past two decades, we have acquired the knowledge, capabilities, effective techniques, and solution partners to support client teams and deliver effective programs.

    If you're an expert with the experience, skills, and technical knowledge to help companies achieve a bigger vision and greater impact - we'd love to hear from you.

    Our Team

    • Rob Bean

      Partner | Marketing Strategist

    • Kile Lindgren

      Partner | Solutions Architect

    • Matt Fiore

      Senior Account Strategist

    • Alicia Beard

      Senior Account Strategist

    • Dawn Cyr

      Content Strategist

    • Amanda Carr

      Project Manager

    • Laura Frese

      Solutions Architect | Developer

    • Jacob O'Reilly


    • Lisa Péré